Managing Repertoire

CopyGhana is responsible for managing the repertoire of works assigned by copyright owners. This involves keeping track of the works and their usage, ensuring that the rights of copyright owners are protected.

Collecting and Analyzing Data

 CopyGhana collects and analyzes data on the use of text and image-based works in Ghana. This helps in understanding the extent of copyright infringement and assists in making informed decisions regarding licensing and royalty distribution.

Negotiating, Licensing, and Collecting Royalties

CopyGhana negotiates licenses for the use of copyright-protected works and collects royalties and other remunerations from users on behalf of copyright owners. The organization ensures that proper compensation is received by copyright owners and then distributes the collected royalties among them.

Providing Access to Copyrighted Works

CopyGhana facilitates the availability of copyright-protected works to user institutions within the boundaries of the law. This is done through licensing agreements that allow authorized access to the works.

Signing Reciprocal Agreements

CopyGhana enters into reciprocal agreements with foreign reproduction rights organizations. These agreements provide exclusive authorization for the use of their members’ works in Ghana and establish a mechanism for the collection and distribution of royalties and other remunerations derived from those works.

Representing and Protecting Authors' Interests

CopyGhana represents and protects the professional, economic, moral, and other interests of authors in Ghana and abroad. The organization advocates for the rights and well-being of authors, ensuring that their creative works are respected and properly compensated.

Providing Information and Advice

CopyGhana offers its members information and advice on all matters relating to copyright. This includes guidance on copyright laws, licensing agreements, and other aspects of copyright management. Members can rely on CopyGhana for expertise and support in copyright-related matters.

Distribution of Royalties

CopyGhana plays a vital role in the distribution of royalties to creators in Ghana. As the collective management organization responsible for administering and licensing the rights of text and image-based works, CopyGhana ensures that creators receive fair compensation for the use of their intellectual property.

This ensures that creators are duly rewarded for their artistic contributions, encouraging their continued creativity and supporting the growth of Ghana’s creative industry.