About Us

Who We Are

CopyGhana is the Reproduction Rights Organization (RRO) of Ghana which licenses educational institutions and organizations to copy and reuse copyright protected materials from print and digital   publications assigned to it by the rightsholders.

Established in 2011, CopyGhana has built a solid reputation and extensive networks in what we do over the years. We license and grant permissions for copyright users to reproduce various types of literary works, collect fees, and remunerate copyright holders. The organization focuses on three copyright areas: literary works, artistic works, and photographic works.

Who We Represent

We represent copyright holders such as authors, visual artists, publishers, and their successors-in-title. We also act as an intermediary between copyright users and rights holders, granting licenses and collecting royalties both locally and internationally. CopyGhana ensures compliance with local and global copyright laws and keeps up with industry developments.The core activities of CopyGhana involve negotiating license terms, issuing licenses, collecting royalties, reviewing usage data, and distributing royalties to copyright holders.

We do not register copyright, act as a publishing house or literary agent, or sell books.

Our Legal Mandate

CopyGhana is a collective management organization (CMO) approved by the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General and mandated under Section 49 of the Copyright Act 2005 and Section 18 of the Copyright Regulations 2010, to license reprographic reproduction in Ghana.

We operate in accordance with international treaties and agreements, including the Berne Convention, the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty.

Our Track Record

CopyGhana has a rich history and experience in the field, with significant milestones and achievements over the years, including expanding licensing agreements to cover 65 user institutions in Ghana, acquiring mandates from over 2500 rights holders, and signing reciprocal agreements with other reproduction rights organizations.