Mission | Vision | Core Values


CopyGhana negotiates licenses for the use of copyright-protected works and collects royalties and other remunerations from users on behalf of copyright owners. 


Our vision is to become a leading collective management organization (CMO) in Africa that safeguards and enhances the value of copyright.

Core Values

Integrity – To earn the trust of our stakeholders, we work diligently to uphold the highest
standards of honesty in everything we do.

Education / Awareness – We educate users about how photocopying and digital
copying affect 
the financial rights of creators.

Encourage ingenuity – By receiving compensation, proprietors of literary and artistic works are compelled to demonstrate their creative abilities.

Ensuring Legal Compliance – CopyGhana issues licenses to entities who copy, scan, or
digitally reproduce content from publications protected by copyright.To prevent danger and
probable costs associated with copyright infringement, the license is necessary.

Flexibility and adaptability– We change with emerging innovations, technological
advancements, and public policies.

Partnership – We value collaboration.