CopyGhana collects mandates from rights owners and manage repertoire on text and image sector works.
CopyGhana motivates creators to create more through royalty payments.
Through licensing agreements, CopyGhana gives users legitimate access to copyright protected works under fair conditions.

About Us

CopyGhana is the Reproduction Rights Organization (RRO) of Ghana which licenses educational institutions and organizations to copy and reuse copyright protected materials from print and digital   publications assigned to it by the rightsholders.

Established in 2011, CopyGhana has built a solid reputation and extensive networks in what we do over the years. We license and grant permissions for copyright users to reproduce various types of literary works, collect fees, and remunerate copyright holders. The organization focuses on three copyright areas: literary works, artistic works, and photographic works. >> read more

Our Legal Mandate

CopyGhana is a collective management organization (CMO) approved by the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General and mandated under Section 49 …

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A Proud Member of the Global Network for RROs

What is Copyright?

Copyright is the exclusive right granted by law to creators of original (published and unpublished) literary, musical, audio-visual, artistic works and computer software etc. in respect of the use, reproduction and exploitation of the works for economic purposes. read more

Our Services

Negotiating, Licensing & Collecting Royalties

CopyGhana negotiates licenses for the use of copyright-protected works and collects royalties and other remunerations from users on behalf of copyright owners. 


Managing Repertoire

CopyGhana manages the repertoire of works assigned by copyright owners. This involves keeping track of the works and their usage, ensuring that the rights of copyright owners are protected.


Distribution of Royalties

CopyGhana plays a vital role in the distribution of royalties to creators in Ghana. As the collective management organization responsible for administering and licensing the rights of text and image-based works …


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