Rightsholder Registration Portal

Welcome to CopyGhana’s Registration Portal. We stress the importance of approaching this registration process with honesty and sincerity, given its legal nature. Misrepresentation of data could lead to severe legal consequences, so your cooperation is pivotal for upholding copyright integrity.

Our portal features two tailored forms for distinct creative stakeholders: Authors and creators, and Publishers. Whether you’re an author, creator, or publisher, our streamlined registration process suits your specific needs.

The forms consist of three main sections:

  1. Personal/Organizational Data: Provide accurate information for clear identity and communication. Ensure to read and consent to our data privacy policy before sharing personal data.
  2. Work Assignment Data: Provide precise details about the works you’re registering to ensure proper identification and protection of your creations.
  3. Rightsholder Affiliation Agreement: Before consenting, thoroughly understand the Rightsholder Affiliation Agreement. Seek professional advice if needed.

For Publisher’s Form: Only authorized principal officers can sign, ensuring agreements align with the organization’s authority.

As we collaborate to fortify copyright protection and nurture creativity in Ghana, we’re excited about the prospects ahead. Thank you for making CopyGhana your partner in this journey.

For more guidance on form completion please visit : 
>> Authors /Creator
>> Publisher

otherwise select the appropriate rightsholder category and proceed with the registration