Matthew Mac-Kwame is an exceptionally innovative, strategic and long-range thinker who pursues excellence and strives for perfection in all endeavours. He has a strong need for autonomy and achievement and his faith in original ideas drives him towards his goals. His highly logical and astute character makes him quick to see the implications of new ideas and products and work hard to see ideas translated into real-world results, usually reaching  or exceeding his goals.

He is constantly seeking new challenges; is an independent, successful person without necessarily seeking input from others. He shares ideas or feelings expressing them in precisely the terms and language that reflect what he means. He is a hard worker who tends to persevere against the odds, and has strong focus and determination.

Mac-Kwame sometimes is a bit of a perfectionist, and can set very high standards not only for himself but those close to him as well. His highly developed critical thinking skill allows him to offer clear and incentive analysis; enables him to grasp and analyse complex issues quickly. He is an excellent strategic problem solver, is creative and imaginative.

He is intellectually curious and daring, constantly seeking to increase knowledge and by extension, overall competence. Being ingenious and innovative, he has a talent for looking at almost anything and seeing how it can be improved, whether it is a small project, product or an entire organizational system. It is easy for him to see connections among things and understand the long-range implications of current actions and events. In other words, he is a global thinker with an original mind.